A mans best friend.

I recently got a new lense, a Voigtländer Nokton classic 40mm F1.4. Ive tried to shoot with manual fokus before, but this one is something else. When you combine the low F-stop and a manual fokus it requires a bit of luck and a ton of pictures to find a few that are relatively well focused. When i had the opportunity to try it out on a friends dog, i tried to compare it to the regular 23mm T native summicron lense ive been using since christmas.


The first two pictures is taken with the Voigtländer, and F1.4 It was kind of hard to find the perfect fokus. Probably my own fault due to lack of tripod, but also a puppy that had some minor problems sitting still..


The next two pictures are taken with the regular T native summicron 23 mm. In other words, i used the autofokus. Easier to get good fokus, but the lense dosent deliver the same “bokeh” effect i was looking for.



All in all i am pretty satisfied with the Voigtländer. I do however need to practise a lot to master the manual focus. For a better comparison i should have used the same location for all photos. What do you think of the outcome?

Prints are available here: Society6
Instagram: Khelgesson
About me: Link


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