Kenneth Helgesson



I am a PR student living in Oslo. On this site i will share everyday pictures from the city i live in, and hopefully a lot of pictures from different hikes. This is a hobby, and i use this page to try and track my progress, as i learn more about both the camera itself and the do`s and don`ts of photography. Currently shooting with a Leica T body. There will also be some snapshots from my Samsung galaxy note 4.

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  • Leica T


  • Leica T Summicron 23 mm f/2 Asph
  • Voigtländer Nokton classic 40mm F1.4.
    – Made for Leica M, so i also use the T-M adapter. it is probably around 60mm due to the crop factor of the Leica T.

Some of my favourite pictures so far: